McShane Mobile Wash & Dry LLC

Business Owner - Mike McShane

Education - Central Connecticut State University Graduate (B.S. Accounting) 

McShane Mobile Wash & Dry LLC is an innovative mobile car detailing service, serving the state of Connecticut.  Entrepreneur, Mike McShane, is a self-employed college graduate, who takes car detailing to the next level. You never need to worry about arranging a ride, since all of the vehicles details are conducted at the customers home.


Fall Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday: Inclement weather, reschedule date
Sunday: Closed


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Full Details: Prices

$145 Sedans/Coupes, $155 SUVs, $175 SUVs 3rd Row Seating, $195 Trucks         



Professional Service

Full details starting at $145.00

Interior details include the following:

  • Dashboard cleaning 

  • Navigation screen clean

  • Steering wheel deep clean 

  • Cup holders cleaned

  • Car shifter cleaned

  • Emergency brake cleaned

  • Doors and door jams cleaned 

  • Gas & brake pedal cleaned

  • Air vents cleaned

  • Glass windows cleaned

  • Full interior vacuum

  • Carpet cleaning & shampoo

  • Seat cleaning & conditioning

  • Exterior details include the following:

  • Washing

  • Waxing

  • Towel dry

  • Clay bar to remove contaminants

  • Tire cleaning

  • Rim cleaning

  • Tire shining

No matter the condition of the interior or exterior of your vehicle, we will make it a priority to do the best job possible to leave your car spotless. Full details include a deep cleaning, which are intended to improve the sanitation of your daily ride. We do our absolute best to eliminate germs and harmful bacteria that can build up over time. Car detailing can help preserve the value of your investment. A clean car is a happy car!


Price List



Full Interior/Exterior Detail (Sedan/Coupe)


Full Interior/Exterior Detail (SUV)


Full Interior/ Exterior (SUV 3rd Row Seating)


Full Interior / Exterior (Truck)


Boat Detailing: $25/ft

Includes washing, drying, compounding, and marine wax (salt water resistant) which can last up to one year! 


Customer Testimonials


"McShane Mobile Wash & Dry did such an amazing job getting me "car sale-ready." The new owners were so impressed with the condition and cleanliness of a 12 year old vehicle. I would highly recommend McShane Mobile if you need a thorough auto detail for yourself, or to get your vehicle prepared for resale."

April Votto